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Address: 1-57/1, Tafakkur str., Yakkasaroy district,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tel/fax : +(99871) 281 59 56

+(99871) 281 59 55



About us


International Business Development Agency «Inter Business Development LLC», or IBD, was established in 2016




Providing practical assistance to the Uzbek business in developing trade and economic relations with foreign partners, implementing specific cooperation projects, and stimulating innovation activity.



- establishment and expansion of business contacts with the aim to develop the trade and economic relations between Uzbekistan and foreign countries;


- assistance in the implementation of commercial, industrial and investment projects;


- coordination of the efforts of Uzbek and foreign business communities to deepen economic cooperation;


- assistance in signing mutually beneficial contracts between business partners of Uzbekistan and foreign countries;


- assistance in the participation of entrepreneurs in exhibitions, fairs and other advertising and information events;


- conducting of business seminars, conferences, round tables, exhibitions and other different events to promote interests of business entities of Uzbekistan and foreign countries.