Business services

Address: 1-57/1, Tafakkur str., Yakkasaroy district,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tel/fax : +(99871) 281 59 56

+(99871) 281 59 55



Business services:


- development and implementation of international business cooperation programs;


- organization of national and international business events;


- organization of trade missions and exhibitions;


- providing of representative services for foreign companies in Uzbekistan;


- organization of trainings, business seminars and internships for entrepreneurs to improve their business skills both in Uzbekistan and abroad;


- providing of legal services (assistance in accreditation of foreign companies, registration of companies, drawing up contracts etc.);


- providing accounting services and tax consulting;


- oral and written translation services;


- other business services (visa support, hotel reservation, transport services, etc.).